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make it shine


Dear Members: 

We are looking for members passionate about Green Hills and willing to make a positive change in our course. 

Our proposal is to have members adopt an area of the course and perform some upkeep beyond the normal maintenance of our crew. These projects should add to the aesthetics or even the functionality of the club. 

With our limited membership and finances, this will be an opportunity to enhance the look of the grounds and present the best Green Hills has to offer to our perspective members as well as guests of the club. 

Any project must be approved by the Board of Directors. 

All expenses and labor will be the responsibility of the party(s) performing the task. 

For more information and application, check with Jeremy in the pro-shop. 


In order to help take care of the golf course , we, the members, are volunteering to help take care of the our golf course. Members can choose a hole or holes that they would like to help maintain. That maintenence or beautification would be some, but not all, of the items listed below as people may think of other ideas. 

1. Sand and seeding of the tee boxes and fairways 

2. Repair divots on greens 

3. Keep drop areas painted 

4. Maintain out-of-bounds markers (replace or paint) and lateral hazards 

5. Planting of flowers and shrubs at tee boxes 

6. Help keep grass cut around drains and sprinkler heads. Also keep drains marked 

7. Rake out bunkers 

8. Make recommedations to greens committee (ie.) moving or adding OB or lateral hazard markers; cutting and pruning of trees; etc. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: these items need to be run through and approved by the greens committee or pro shop before members can take any action on their designated hole(s). 

This ensures that members don't make any unnecessary or wrong changes to the course without board approval. We don't want members doing certain things on their own (ie.) cutting down trees or using home chemicals or fertilizers. 

As these are general guidelines, the board may add or delete items as they (the board) feel are needed. 


Application for Make It Shine Program

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