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Handicap Procedures Green Hills CC

 Two basic premises underlie the USGA Handicap System: 

1. Each player will try to make the best score at every hole in every round regardless of where the round is played. 

2. The player will post every acceptable round for peer review


Since the player and the player's Handicap Committee have joint responsibility for adhering to these premises, the following rules have been adopted for all members. 

1. Any golfer playing in club handicap events must have a GHIN card. 

2. All scores, tournament or friendly play, MUST be posted in the Handicap System using ESC method. 

3. All Tournament scores, including Match Play, will be posted by the Pro Shop

4. The Handicap Committee, based on clear guidelines set forth by the USGA, has the obligation and authority to periodically evaluate all member handicaps. 

5. The Handicap Committee also has the authority to adjust any member’s handicap to ensure fair, competitive play. 

6. Posting scores in person immediately following the round at the course where the round is played is the preferred way to expose scores to peer review

7. Scores made while playing alone will no longer be acceptable. 


The following guideline will be used at GHCC for scores not or incorrectly posted: 

a. The first infraction, 

i. The score if known will be posted and the player will be notified. 

ii. If not, a score equal to the lowest score in the last 20 will be posted. 

b. Subsequent infractions. 

i. A correct score will be posted as well as the lowest score in the last 20. 

ii. If a score is not available, the lowest score in the last year will be posted. 

c. Continued incorrect or non-posting 

i. Handicaps will be adjusted by the committee for all handicapped events. 

ii. A player may be barred from club events by the committee. 

Handicap Procedures Green Hills CC 

According to the USGA, the following Questions have been addressed. Q. What should the Committee do if a player inadvertently fails to post an acceptable score? A. The Handicap Committee may post the score and/or post a penalty score. Q. How does the Committee arrive at the penalty score? A. If the score not posted was unusually low, the Committee will post a penalty score equal to the lowest handicap differential in the player's scoring record. For an unusually high score, the Committee does the reverse. Q. What Ratings does the Committee assign to a penalty score? A. The Ratings that applied to the round on which the lower or higher differential was based. Q. How long should an adjustment to a Handicap Index remain in effect? A. As long as the Handicap Committee determines. At each revision, the Committee should compare the modified Handicap Index to the Handicap Index the player would have received using Section 10-2 computation methods. Q. What do I do when I have not completed a hole? 

a. Use your Most Likely Score: Should you pick up before completing a hole, you must still record the Most Likely Score you would have earned for that hole. For example, if your playing partner scored a Par, and you had a 2 foot putt for bogey and picked up, you should score a bogey. If you had a 30 foot put for Par, you would also consider your most likely score to be a bogey. A player who starts, but does not complete a hole or is conceded a stroke must record for handicap purposes the most likely score. The most likely scoremay not exceed the player's Equitable Stroke Controllimit, defined in Section 4-3. This most likely scoreshould be preceded by an "X." (See Decision 4-1/1.) 

b. There is no limit to the number of unfinished holes a player may have in a round, provided that failure to finish is not for the purpose of handicap manipulation. 

Handicap Procedures Green Hills CC 

Some Key Guidelines from the USGA Handicap Manual, that all GHCC Members/Players shall abide by, and the the Handicap Committee will exercise, effective immediately: Scores in All Forms of Competition

8. Scores in both match play and stroke play must be posted for handicap purposes. This includes scores made in match play, in multi-ball, or in team competitions in which players have not completed one or more holes or in which players are requested to pick up when out of contention on a hole. (See Decision 5-1c/1and Section 4.) 


Posting Scores

9. Posting scores in person immediately following the round at the course where the round is played is the preferred way to expose scores to peer review. This method of posting must be used whenever possible. The place for returning scores from all courses should be convenient to make it as easy as possible for players to record every round played. (See Decision 5-2a/1.) 


Posting a Score When a Complete Round is not Played

10. If 13 or more holes are played, the player must post an 18-hole score. If 7 to 12 holes are played, the player must post a nine-hole score. In either case, scores for unplayed holes must be recorded as parplus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the unplayed holes. (See Section 4-2and 5-1a.) 


Posting a Tournament Score

11. A tournament scoreis a score made in a competition organized and conducted by a committee in charge of the competition. The competition must identify a winner(s) based on a stipulated round(s). 


Examining Results of Competitions

12. The Handicap Committee should examine results of competitions. If net scores of any players appear exceptional, the Handicap Committee should take appropriate action under procedures in Sections 8-4and 10-3

Handicap Procedures Green Hills CC 

Handicap Index Adjustment by Handicap Committee

13. The Handicap Committee has the responsibility of making certain that each player has a Handicap Index reflecting potential ability. Under the following circumstances, it will be necessary for the Handicap Committee to adjust the player's Handicap Index. However, the following list is not all-inclusive, and a Handicap Committee has the ultimate authority to adjust a Handicap Index under any circumstance that it feels necessary to do so. Before an adjustment becomes effective, the Handicap Committeemust give the player an opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding the proposed adjustment, either in writing or by appearing before the committee. 


1. Improving Faster Than the System Can React 2. Numerous Away or Internet Scores Change Index 3. Temporary Disability 4. Player Manipulates Round a. Posting erroneous information to the scoring record c. Repeatedly playing more than one ball to avoid posting scores d. Not adjusting holes scores for equitable stroke control e. Deliberately reporting more of fewer strokes than actually scored f. Deliberately taking extra strokes to inflate score Handicap Procedures Green Hills CC 

________________________________________ _________________ (name) (date) You signed in at the Pro Shop and completed a round of golf. There is NO record of the round posted in the GHIN system for peer review. 

a) ______ Based on a scorecard that was turned in, a score was posted by the Committee as a courtesy to you. In the future, please post all scores. 

b) ______Please correct this situation by providing a verified score card to be posted by our staff within a week. If no card is received, a score equal to your lowest round will be posted. 

c) ______ Due to a repeated occurrence, a penalty score equal to your lowest round in last year will be posted. 


You posted a score that does not correspond with the card that was turned in to the Pro Shop. 

a) ______The change was made in GHIN by the Pro Shop. No further action was taken. 

b) ______The change was made in GHIN by the Pro Shop. A score of your lowest round was also posted as a penalty for repeated occurrence of this issue. 


The Handicap Committee has deemed you handicap index is inappropriate and the following action has been taken. 

a) ______For the handicapped event you have entered your index has been adjusted to better reflect your true potential for scoring in golf. 

b) ______ Due to repeated offences, your participation in the event is suspended. 


Event____________________________________________ You may appeal this decision in writing or by appearing before the Committee. Please contact the Pro Shop if you would like to schedule a meeting on the matter.